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Service Bulletin 4-4 Brave Engine Lubrication Changes, Generator Cover Change


Crankcase and Primary Drive

The transfer of engine oil to the primary drive case, and the resultant build up of oil which causes loss of oil at the mainshaft oil seal, can be corrected by drilling the BES84356 Timing Gear as shown in Sketch No. l.

The cover should be removed before drilling unless special care is used to prevent chips entering the crankcase. When removing the cover, the engine should be tipped to the right to prevent the OS/10700 Mainshaft Rollers falling into the crankcase. This is important!

When assembling the cover, use oil or a very light coat of soft grease to hold the rollers in place on the shaft.

Lubrication of the Engine and Primary Drive when timing cover has been drilled.

When the timing cover has been drilled, both the engine and primary drive are lubricated by the crankcase oil, and no oil should be put into the primary case. The operator should receive instructions in regard to this change so he will not
add oil to the primary, thus flooding the crankcase.

During operation, the crankcase oil lubricates the primary drive and the oil level is maintained automatically at the required height.
Filling the crankcase after timing case has been drilled.

Before starting the engine, the crankcase should be filled to the proper level with the recommended S.A.E. number of Indian Oil according to temperature.

Below 0° 0°FS.A.E. No. 10-W
Between 0° and 32°FS.A.E. No. 20-W
Between 32° and 60°FS.A.E. No. 30
Above 60°FS.A.E. No. 50

The oil should be checked daily or at each filling of the gas tank.

Oil changing

The crankcase and primary drive case should be drained every 1000 to 1500 miles. This should be done while the engine is warm.

The oil screen on the crankcase drain plug should be cleaned each time the crankcase oil is drained.


To prevent oil building up in the BES4360 Generator cover, a drain hole should be drilled in the bottom as shown in Sketch No. 2.

This hole will allow any oil which enters the case to be drained out immediately.

Stuart Watson, Service Manager

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