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Service Bulletin 4-1 Flywheel Assembly Services Model 249-250-251

Model 249- 250-251

Exchange Service

We are prepared to make shipment of exchange flywheel assemblies for all vertical twin models upon the receipt of your assemblies.

The exchange assemblies will carry a new standard size crankshaft and include a pair of standard connecting rod bearings.

The exchange assembly will be furnished at a net price of $20.00 plus tax.

NOTE: If special flywheels which require non-standard balance are returned for installation of a new crankshaft, an additional charge will be made for the balancing.

Regrinding Service

Regrinding service will still be available if desired. Shafts will be reground to .010 or .020 inches undersize as required, and bearings of the correct undersize will be furnished.

Regrinding service will be $12.00 net plus the bearings, subject to regular discount and tax.

Unless otherwise specified we will ship exchange flywheel assemblies on all shafts which are sent in for regrinding and are found to be beyond repair, due to being worn so that they will not clean up at .020 inches undersize.

NOTE: We do not consider it advisable to regrind the shafts below this size, due to the hardness depth of the surface of the journal.

Stuart Watson
Service Manager

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