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It has been found that a change to S.A.E. No . 140 Gear Oil as lubricant for the BRAVE transmission will increase gear life and eliminate leakage at the starter shaft. We recommend that you use S.A.E. No. 140 gear oil as follows:

Lubrication the transmission:

  1. Drain the transmission case completely when the engine is warm. Replace the drain plug.
  2. Fill the transmission with seven ounces of S.A.E. No. 140 gear oil. This amount of gear oil will provide the proper level, which should be maintained at all times.
  3. To check the oil level, remove the filler plug. Place the bottom of the threaded section on the top of the case. There should be 1/8″ of oil on the dip stick with the machine held vertically.
  4. Drain completely and refill every 1500 to 2000 miles.

This bulletin supersedes Service Bulletin 3-7, dated April 16, 1951.

Stuart Watson
Service Manager

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