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Service Bulletin 2-29 Reconditioning Service Flat Rate Charges


The Indian Service Department is prepared to recondition the parts listed at the flat rate labor charges shown, plus the price of parts required. These charges are based on the reconditioning of units which are completely disassembled and thoroughly cleaned. If it is necessary to disassemble or clean the units before they are reconditioned, an additional charge will be made for the actual time required.

Refinish Cylinder – rebore and hone
45″, 74″ and 80″per cylinder$2.50
Arrowper cylinder$2.50
Scout and Warriorper block$5.00
Reface Valve Seatsper seat.60
Reface Valvesper valve.30
Install Valve Guides
45″, 74″ and 80″per guide.30
Arrow, Scout and Warriorper guide.60
Install Valve Seat Inserts and Face Seats
Arrow, Scout and Warriorper seat$1.00
Recondition Connecting Rods
45″, 74″ and 80″ – Replace and finish upper
and lower bushings, align rods
per pair$3.00
Arrow, Scout and Warrior. Replace and finish
upper bushing, guage lower end and align rod
per rod$1.00

Earle Robbins
Service Manager

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