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Service Bulletin 3-1 Spark Timing – Model 350


The spark timing on the Model 350 Chief must be set at 11/16″ before top center on the front cylinder.

When timing with the front cylinder head removed, bring the piston up to 17/32″ below the top surface of the cylinder with both valves closed. This is because the piston projects 5/32″ above the top surface of the cylinder at top center.

When timing with the flywheel timing mark, place the”$” on the flywheel so that it is just visible at the rear of the hole. Be sure that both valve tappets on the front cylinder are free, indicating that the valves are closed and the piston is on
the compression stroke.

Be sure that the distributor points are set at .018″ to .020″ and that lever is fully advanced (in toward the engine) before moving the distributor body in the clamp to break the points. The narrow cam lobe breaks the points to fire the front

The sketch shows the proper position of the timing mark.

The above information applies to all engines bearing numbers CEJ-1001 to CEJ-1500 and C-2001 to C-2500.

Flywheels, Part No . 424025, which carry the “$” timing marks are treated in the above manner. Flywheels which carry a “A” timing mark must be timed with the point of the inverted “V” at the center of the timing hole.

Earle Robbins
Service Manager

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