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77 – Improved Brake Assembly For Dispatch-Tow Models, New Truss Rods


A new improved rear brake assembly and a new truss rod for the rear axle of Indian Dispatch-Tow models has just been released by the Engineering Department for installation and distribution. This new equipment can be installed on all Dispatch-Tow units from 1934 to date.

The new brake is larger in diameter (81/4″) and uses a special band assembly. New anchor supports are provided to make the brake quiet and efficient in operation.

The purpose of the new truss rod is to strengthen the rear axle unit and prevent deflection due to chain and brake pull.

Beginning with Dispatch-Tow, number DT 154 and up, all 1938 Dispatch-Tow units are equipped with these new truss rods. (Dispatch-Tow, number DT 146 is also equipped with the new truss rods.

Beginning with Dispatch-Tow, number DT 161 and up, all 1938 Dispatch-Tow units are equipped with the new improved brake assembly.

It is desirable that other Dispatch-Tow models in the field be equipped with these two assemblies. For a limited time, we will offer the conversion parts listed on the next page.


No. Parts UsedPart NumberDescription
175252Brake Drum
175253Band Assembly
241510Stop Bracket
141518Anchor Pin
217A108Cotter Pin
241519Anchor Pin Clamp
241520Anchor Pin Clip
423B18Clip Screw
419B114Lock Washer
141517Anchor Spacer
137235Anchor Spacer – Screw
119B115Lock Washer
141449Cross Shaft Lever – rgt.
141511Truss Rod Plate (inside right)
237044Plate Screw
141512Truss Rod Plate (inside left)
137121Plate Screw
141514Truss Rod – right
141515Truss Rod – left
141513Truss Rod – center
919B115Lock Washer

Supply us with the Dispatch-Tow number of the machine to which this conversion is to be made and we will furnish you a complete set of conversion parts for $7.50 net plus tax.

This offer is for a limited time only – and EXPIRES ON MARCH 31st, 1938. After this date, these parts will have to be purchased at regular list prices. The List price is $22.75 per set.

Separate sheets are attached showing the installation of these parts.

See drawings above.

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