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70 – Timing Magneto Equipped Sport Scout

No.70 March 4, 1937


First, remove the oil level screw at the lower left side of crankcase.
Have machine in high gear with spark plugs removed and rotate motor in
direction of travel until a cross (-|-) appears in center of oil level
screw hole. Make sure that both valves on rear cylinder are closed,
exhaust and intake tappets free. The rear cylinder is now on top dead
center compression stroke.

With the motor chain in place, put magneto gear on shaft with magneto
shaft and gear key in place and then line up mark on magneto gear with
mark on magneto gear case housing located at the second screw on the
front of the magneto gear housing.

Your motor is now timed at factory setting.


When clutches run into a chattering condition when being engaged, it
is generally due to the fact that the oil should be changed in the
primary drive, also transmission.

Drain the oil and refill primary case up to the oil level screw located
on left side of primary cover below the clutch lever, using SAE-20W for temperatures of freezing or below, and SAE-50 for temperatures freezing
and above.


When you have an opportunity to work on 1934 or 1935 machines you have
a splendid chance to sell your customer some real service. The
1936–37 sump valve back plate assembly can be fitted to the 1934–35
housing, and with this new type plat e a better return of the oil to
the tank is insured, and this naturally improves the oil mileage. The
back plate assembly for the 30:50 and the 45s is numbered 40729, and
for the 74s the number is 40730, both listing at $2.00.


While servicing Indian Motors for cleaning carbon or grinding valves, check bottom of pistons and file the sharp corner off of bottom of skirt, if
bottom of skirt has worn to a sharp edge.

This edge has a tendency to scrape oil off cylinder wall on downward stroke
of piston . File this edge off round, also check new pistons you have in
stock for same condition, and file the edge off before using.


When front or rear or both carburetors on Indian 4 show, symptoms of running lean, change the compensator jet, located in float bowl just under the float to jet, No . 17, part No. 101309 , on rear carburetor, and jet No . 18, part No. 101420 , on front carburetor, which will overcome a lean condition of carburators when accelerating. Production motors are fitted with a No. 17 jet in front and a No. 15 jet in rear.

Indian 4 Motors run the best with Indian “C” spark plugs, 10 mm, with brass
adapters . This plug may be ordered by part No. 41165.

You are advised t o use Indian-Edison “C” spark plugs 10 mm in all India
Motors, where motor performance is expected at higher speeds. Indian “C”
spark plug is cooler running than Indian “A” or “B”.


To eliminate discoloration of mufflers and exhaust manifolds, put a 3/4″
rod in tail pipe and knock out the baffles which are located in the front
end of the muffler center tubes.

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