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118 – New 1941 Pistons


The 1941 pistons such as used in Models 341 and 641 will be sent out on all service parts orders to replace 1938, ’39, and ’40 four ring pistons.

For those who wish to change motor balance when installing new pistons, the following information will be helpful.

No. 1. Model 341 (3-1/4″) piston is four ounces lighter than previous pistons.
No. 2.Model 641 (2-7/8″) piston is two ounces lighter than previous pistons.
No. 3.The balance being used by the factory at the present time is one piston complete with rings, piston pins, and lockrings to either front or rear connecting rods.
No. 4.Rebalancing is not absolutely necessary with the new pistons. However, when motors are being completely overhauled, rebalancing is recommended.
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