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113 – Care Of Batteries


In some cases batteries are left in new or used machines which are stored in display rooms without any precaution taken to keep them charged, nor are they charged when the machines are delivered to customers, with the result that early battery failures have resulted.

If necessary precautions are not taken, the batteries in stored machines will be ruined in a very short time as the plates become hard and sulphated. Sulphation occurs quickly in warm weather and a discharged battery will freeze quickly in cold weather. Freezing will destroy it. The Indian Motocycle Company will not, and could not be expected to, replace or repair a battery which has been damaged by failure to keep properly charged while in storage.

Therefore, you should be sure that each machine going on the display floor carries a fully charged battery, and then at least every 30 days, each battery should again be checked for condition of charge, and if the reading is 1.250 specific gravity or below, it must be recharged.

A still better procedure is to remove the battery from all display machine units and, if you do not have your own battery service facilities, arrange with a local battery service station to properly store and care for these removed units until the machine is sold and the battery replaced.

Experience indicates that the removal of batteries and the subsequent care is the best procedure.

This Service Shot should be followed carefully right now because with warmer weather, batteries discharge much faster and there is more danger from sulphation if not properly cared for.


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