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115 – Care Of Unfilled Or Dry Batteries


It is very important that Unfilled or Dry Batteries used for warehouse machines receive proper care, otherwise sulphation will set in and the battery will render poor service or will completely fail.

With each dry battery is an instruction card. Each card is dated. Dry batteries must be filled and charged according to instructions before the month and year stamped on the card. Batteries are dated four to six months ahead as shipped from the factory. The Indian Motocycle Company cannot guarantee batteries that have been allowed to stand a longer time.

Instructions on this card are as follows: –

Do not remove the filler plugs until ready to fill and charge.

Do not use constant potential to initial charge this battery.

The filling electrolyte is a solution of pure sulphuric acid and pure water having a specific gravity as shown in table below.

  1. Unscrew filler plugs.
  2. Press down firmly with finger on red button of cell being filled in order to close vent and prevent overfilling.
  3. While pressing on button, add electrolyte until the filling well is nearly full.
  4. Remove finger to allow electrolyte to fall to correct level. Do the same on other two cells.
  5. Replace filler plugs.
  6. Allow battery to stand not less than 12 hours nor more than 24 hours so electrolyte will cool and completely saturate plates.
  7. After standing, restore electrolyte level by adding distilled or approved water to the cells while pressing on red button as outlined above.
  8. Replace and tighten filler plugs in filler well.
  9. Charge battery at 1.5 amperes until specific gravity stops rising. This will require approximately 84 hours. If temperature of electrolyte exceeds temperature shown on table, reduce charging rate and increase time proportionately.
  10. If necessary to restore electrolyte level during charge, use only approved water.
  11. After completion of charge, the specific gravity of the electrolyte should be within the limits shown in table. If not, adjust by removing some solution and replacing with approved water or electrolyte as required.
Temperate ClimateTropical Climate
Filling Gravity ……….1.345 sp. gr. (37° Be.)1.245 sp. gr. (28.5° Be.)
Max. Temperature ……….100° F. (43° C.)125° F. (52° C.)
Final Gravity ……….1.270-1.290 (31°-33° Be.)1.200-1.225 (24°-26.5° Be.)

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