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67 – New Enameling Prices

We are offering herewith new enameling prices to go into effect today.

You as well as ourselves know that a refinished tank, mud guard, etc., will add to the appearance as well as the value of any motorcycle to the rider as well as the public.

These prices include removing the old enamel, but do not include labor for straightening or other repairs and are subject to a dealer’s discount of 25 percent.

The enameling prices are for standard solid colors, or standard two color combinations, the same as new machines. Reverse combinations or special striping will carry an additional charge. No special colors will be furnished other than on a complete machine enamel job.


Fork frame1.00
Fork links (pair).35
Fork springs.50
Fork stem and crown.25
Stand (rear).35
Stand (front).35
Gas and oil tank (single)4.00
Gas tank (double)2.25 (each)
Front mud guard2.25
Rear mud guard2.25
Chain guard1.00
Generator belt guard.50
Tool box.75
Battery box.75
Handle bar top.35
Luggage carrier.60
Safety guard.35
Legshields (pair).75
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