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174 – April 26 1947 – Rear Wheel Siren Installation

174 – April 26 1947 – Rear Wheel Siren Installation

To install Rear Wheel Siren (Part No. 103032) on Model 346 or 347:

  1. Remove the tool box.
  2. Slot the rear fender as shown on the sketch.
  3. Mount the siren on the frame. If the motorcycle is equipped with rear safety bars, the left bar to frame bushing must be remov­ed. The siren bracket extension piece takes the place of the bush­ing and is held in place by the safety bar stud. When installing the bracket clamp, be sure there is clearance between the clamp and the fender skirt. The back side of the clamp should be reduced if there is contact between the fender skirt and the clamp.
  4. Mount the pedal bracket using the bolts which are furnished, with the siren. The shorter bolt assembles in the lower bracket hole to screw into the transmission case and the longer bolt assembles in the center bracket hole with a nut and lockwasher behind the trans­mission case flange.
  5. Adjust the control cable to give the longest travel without con­tact between the fan shaft pulley and-the fender when the siren ped­al is -released. To increase the clearance between the fan shaft pul­ley and the fender, turn the casing adjusting stop to the left.
  6. Relocate the tool box in the most practical position depending on the equipment installed on the motorcycle

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