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177 – Stripped Threads


The best solution for stripped threads, in either aluminum or cast iron, is the installation of a HELI-COIL THREAD

The insert is placed in the stripped hole after it has been enlarged with a special tap and allows the use of the
original size screw. This is necessary in many places, as the use of an oversize screw weakens the parts, or there
is insufficient clearance for the screw or head.

These inserts are used by many dealers and found to be a satisfactory method of repairing stripped threads.

Two assortments of tools and inserts for Indian dealers have been suggested by the Aircraft Screw Products Company.
This company advises us that these assortments are available from their dealers in most cities, and also that their
dealers maintain an installation service for the convenience of anyone who does not have enough of this work to need
the kit in his shop.

We suggest that you contact the Automotive Equipment Jobber in your vicinity for the necessary tools and inserts. We
will furnish the name of the HELI-COIL distributor in your locality at your request.

The attached sheets outline the HELI-COIL system for replacing stripped threads and offer two suggested Indian

Walter Brown
Service Manager

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