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It has been brought to our attention that batteries in the 1941 machine quite frequently have boiled over. This condition is brought about by the battery being overcharged due to the high charging rate of the generator and is not due to any temperature condition.

When the machines leave the factory, the generator is set so that the charging rate is in balance with the amperage load drawn through the ignition and driving lights.

In some cases where machines are used for daylight driving only, this charging rate is too high. The charging capacity of the Auto-Lite generator, which is used as standard equipment is more than sufficient to carry ignition and standard equipment lighting continuously without drawing on the battery. Therefore generators should be adjusted to suit the particular driving condition.

Where a machine is used for daylight driving only, the generator should be set to charge approximately 4 amps which is 1/2 of the charging rate adjusted at the factory before delivery.

It should only be necessary to make adjustments in the Spring and Fall when daylight hours change enough to warrant a change in driving conditiona.


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