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Starklite Cycle Retirement Sale

Dear Indian Owner,

Since 1918, when Charles Stark opened his Indian dealership in Akron, Ohio, three generations of the Stark Family, Charles, Bob and myself, have been supplying parts and service for your Indian Motorcycles. It’s now time for me to retire. I appreciate all our long-term customers and want to thank you for the years of support.

Gary’s first Indian 4 years old

Our retirement sale is now active on our website. Please browse our website and look for any parts you might need. As retirement nears, we are no longer ordering production runs of parts. As these parts are depleted, they will not be replaced. We do have several outstanding orders that will be added to inventory in the coming weeks. We will continue to produce our 4-Speed Transmissions during our retirement. So, you can continue riding your Indian Chief in overdrive for years to come with a steady supply of parts available.

The business is available for sale as a complete, running business or we will sell individual product lines to interested individuals. Please inquire if you would like more information. We are selling our manufactured parts, original parts, drawings, fixtures, tooling, and websites. Our original parts consist of 149/249 Vertical Twin, Sport Scout, Model 741 and a few Chief parts. Please stop by, call or email us with your questions.

During retirement, we continue to offer our exclusive parts that are sold out, to individuals who are willing to purchase a complete manufacturing run of specific parts, using our tooling and suppliers. Please inquire for more information.

Thank you for your support over the past 100+ years. I am looking forward to slowing down my day-to-day activities. Thirty plus years of 6-7 days per week and ten-hour days has taken a toll. Retirement will allow me more time with my family, motorcycles, antique cars, antique airplanes, and horseback riding. Also, I am looking forward to having more time to attend road runs.

Please order want you want and need ahead of time as items may become unavailable. All sales are final.

Godspeed and see you on the road.

Cross Country 1943 Douglas C53/Dc-3 Los Angeles – Toledo Ohio (Wauseon Meet) – Arrival Oshkosh Airventure 2019


Gary Stark



  • Jim McKone ,

    Gary. Have a long and happy retirement

  • Jacob ,

    Congratulations Gary!

  • Cliff Wilson ,

    Helped me out on and off for 40 years, thanks!
    sad to see you go.

  • Dave Crozier ,

    Gary, may your retirement be full of blessings. I still have and cherish my Indian motor rebuilt by Bob. I still remember riding on the back while he twisted the wick on his stroker Indian and the cops pulled him over. Bob gave the cop a chatty story, smiling all the while and No ticket. Forty plus years have gone by, but my memory of Bob’s hospitality, sincere friendship and goodwill to others is strong.
    Be well and be safe.
    Dave Crozier

  • Murray Foley ,

    All the best moving forward

  • Leny Mason ,

    Happy retirement we will miss the races in Yosemite, thanks for putting them on.

  • Dave Jeanson ,

    Do you have any 1936 Indian chief parts.

  • George ,

    Happy retirement you’ll be missed!

  • Bob Rakestraw ,

    Thanks to Bob who I considered the only one in the Indian parts business that could be trusted. You are missed..Starklite in Fullerton was always a part of the family’s Disneyland trip. Good luck Gary, thanks for carrying on the torch

  • stephen mc gee sr ,

    thanks Gary for helping with my parts on my 1951 experimental chief remember it was stamped EXP on the back boss on the left side of the motor witch i am going to sell if anyone is interested in it they can call me at 785-823-1071 it has set under a glass case in my living room long enough it time to past it to someone as i am now 72 ,,,,, if you remember you seen the bike at davenport years ago i was just down from you about a block it is yellow and was setting on a wood stand about a foot off the ground right after i got it restored ,,,,,,,, i still need a 52-53 seat for it as that’s ,what came out on it if you have one please give me a call as i will buy it, ,,,,,,,, i have bought parts from you and your dad since the 1970’s for all of my chiefs i have had over the years and that is about 15 of them thank you very much for all the help on all the parts i have bought from you and your dad ,,,, thanks Stephen mc gee sr

  • Patty (Nichols) Robinson ,

    Happy retirement! My father, Ed Nichols, was an Indian dealer in the Chicago area back in the 1950’s & 1960’s. I grew up “playing” on Indian motorcycles and cases of Castrol Oil (stacked in the warehouse) LOL! Best wishes.

    • MrIndian ,

      Hi Patty – Yes I’m old enough to remember Nichols Distributing!

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