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#41043 Drive Shaft – Fits Chief Models

The Bottom end of your engine is your most critical component. Tolerances on the three shafts (Crank, Pinion, and Drive) are extremely critical. If the taper is off, the pin will not tighten properly in your flywheels, If the length is off you are unable to get the proper sideplay on your flywheels. These are just a few examples of what to look for.

Our 40 years of experience and Engineering knowledge have allowed us to get the kinks out and perfect our bottom end pins!

We offer the highest quality, highest precision Drive Shaft you can install.
We use the latest in CNC machining, Metallurgy, and Heat Treating to manufacture the best available in the world! Our machining center is ISO 9001 certified! Every Crankpin is inspected 100% for quality before leaving the factory. This means we are able to offer -0- defects guaranteed! Our pins surpass OEM quality!

U/M: Each
Manufactured Exclusively by Starklite Cycle

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Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 1 × 1 in


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