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Linkert Carburetor – Complete

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Complete Assembled Reproduction Linkert Carburetor

Are you missing your Linkert Carburetor? Here is your solution?

Completely assembled Linkert Carburetor

This reproduction looks almost exactly like your original Indian Linkert Carburetor. However, this is not a bolt on solution without some work. When the manufacture assembles this, they often leave parts loose so you will have to go through the carburetor and re-tighten and verify the correct assembly.

Issues We have found that may need to be corrected:

  • Main Nozzle should be changed (They made a non-standard nozzle that is a hybrid between the bonne nozzle and standard nozzle
  • Low & High Speed Nozzles are too long and need to be shaved down to allow proper adjusting (We were unable to adjust the idle until we did this)
  • The Fixed Jet should be removed and plugs installed like original
  • Check throttle disc – Many are installed backwards since the person in the factory does not know how to properly install
  • Float Level is incorrect and needs adjustment (We do not know how long these floats will last as they are not made by us, and are not our nitrophyl floats)
  • Tension spring on Low Speed detent ball does not have enough tension on some carbs and should be changed to a stronger spring
  • The Venturi is a standard sized Venturi. If using on a 80ci should be swapped out for larger ID venturi.

Having said all of the above. We are offering these carburetors to our customers because they can be made to work. They will require work to get them working, but it’s better than nothing.

They are only available in limited quantities. When we are out of stock we do not know how long it will be until we get more in stock. Even with the above problems they can not make them fast enough.

If you need a carburetor and do not want to perform the above fixes, we can rebuild this new carburetor for you implementing all the fixes we have found that are needed. The cost for this service is $300 in addition to the cost of purchasing the carburetor.

U/M: Complete Linkert Carburetor

Warranty/Return – This item will not be warrantied by Starklite Cycle and we will not allow returns on this item. All SALES FINAL. We are being completely transparent on this item to allow you to make the decision if this is your best option. If you have any questions please call.


ALL SALES FINAL – NO RETURNS – on this complete Linkert Carburetor

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 7 in


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