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Service Bulletin 5-2 Lucas Motorcycle Batteries Type LJP72



All Lucas jelly-acid batteries are shipped from the plant dry and uncharged. In this condition no deterioration takes place between the time of manufacture and the time the battery is prepared tor service. In instances where batteries reach the customer in a dry, uncharged condition, the following instructions should be carried out to prepare the battery for service.

The battery is filled to the tops of the separators with cool sulphuric acid specific gravity 1.270 and allowed to stand for 6 to 12 hours.

The battery is then charged at 0.8 ampere until voltage and specific gravity show no increase over five successive hourly readings. The actual charging time will be from 40 to 80 hours, depending on how long the battery has been stored since its manufacture.

The battery is then discharged at 1.0 ampere tor 10 hours, after which the acid is tipped out and the battery allowed to drain for a few minutes.

Meanwhile, liquids are prepared for making the jelly. These liquids are:

  1. Sulphuric acid of specific gravity 1.275.
  2. Pure sodium silicate solution of specific gravity 1.200.

Four parts of liquid (1) are mixed with one part ot liquid (2). The mixture is vigorously stirred and immediately poured into the battery, filling each cell to the bottom of the vent hole. As this mixture quickly becomes jelly, only sufficient quantity tor the batteries immediately at hand should be prepared at a time (each battery requiring one-half pint), and all cells should be filled within three (3) minutes of mixing the solution.

The battery is allowed to stand for 6 to 12 hours and is then recharged at 1.5 amperes tor 12 hours. After standing, and again after recharging, any surplus liquid above the jelly should be drawn off.

The battery is then ready far use.

Once each month about a tablespoonful of distilled water should be added to each cell and the battery allowed to stand tor (2) hours. At the end of this time any surplus liquid on the top of the jelly should be drawn off.

T.I. Mosley
Service Manager

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