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218 – Fast Service On Adjustment Parts !!!


We will be able to give prompt service on all requests for the parts you require because of damage, shortage or failure, if you will send such requests directly to the Service Manager here at the factory. This specifically includes parts required to:

  1. to replace those damaged in shipment,
  2. to replace those missing in shipment,
  3. to replace those covered by our guarantee.

Please do not write such requests in other letters or reports to any other member of the Indian organization.

When you have occasion to request such parts, list them on our standard Part Order Form (M-720), and show the
proper part number and description, so that replacements can be made without delay. Attach this Part Order Form
to your letter of explanation and mail to the Service Manager, Indian Motocycle Company. When damaged or broken
parts must be returned for inspection and decision, attach our standard M-709 tag to each part and report in detail
on Form M-710 as required.

Good customer relations depend on good service look out to give you the fastest service possible on adjustments
and have set up this procedure to help you. Please cooperate by following these channels.

Walter Brown
Service Manager


We are keeping a classified record of the comments, complaints and failures reported on the new Arrow and Scout
motorcycles, so that we will have complete details to submit when we issue a “Request for Action.”

In order for us to be successful in getting corrections made promptly, we will need the support of all you dealers.

The cooperation we need from you is merely the filling in and mailing to us of Dealer Service Reports (Form S-1O).

Please do not fail to write in the engine number and mileage. It is very important that we have this information.

We are mailing each dealer an initial supply of Dealer Service Report Forms S-1O. When you need more, make a
note on the bottom of the report you send in, and we will send them to you.

We need your cooperation. It will be beneficial to all of us.

Walter Brown
Service Manager

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