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2002 Indian – Kawasaki Drifter


When I was a kid, I had an Indian 70 and had lots of fun riding in the hills of Anaheim before every inch developed into homes. For years, I have dreamed of owning an Indian Chief, however, a domestic life with other obligations taking priority, I just could not pursue a 1940’s Indian. When the new Indian Corporation in Gilroy Ca introduced their new bikes, I became infatuated with the Chiefs good looks.

I came across the Starklite Web site, and visited the Starklite Museum in person. What a great collection of bikes and the people are very down to earth! At that time, I also saw a few Kawasaki’s that Bob Stark and his crew modified, to look similar to the old style Indians. I could not believe my eye’s, and although I knew the bike was not the “real thing,” I finally realized that their may be an alternative bike for a guy like me.

After talking with Bob several times, I purchased parts from Starklite to begin the transformation of my 800 Drifter. One weak latter, I came to pick up my bike at Starklite, and could not believe my eyes. Adding the following Indian parts made all the difference: Tan leather seat, Avon Gagster tires, Indian tank emblem, fender tips and a luggage rack are a great start.

I think my Harley friend was disappointed when he found out that my bike was a knock off, but I sure had fun fooling around with him, as he thought it was an Indian. I live in Temecula Valley and my bike gets more looks than most, and it’s great fun to see peoples reaction. Some day I’ll own the reel thing, as that’s the ultimate goal. In the meantime, I’m enjoying my replica and other people that appreciate my bike.

Thanks Starlite for all your great work, you guys are the best! The Service was great, and the people really down to earth and more than helpful. Thanks for making my dream of owning a motorcycle again a reality.


Tod Campbell

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