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1948 – 1951 Dash Lighting Conversion

1948-1951 Indian Dash Lighting Explained

When Indian originally designed the 348 dash panel they mounted the dash bulbs with a rigid connection to the frame. It was soon discovered that this caused the bulbs to fail. The rigid mounting meant too much engine vibration was transferred to the bulbs which caused the bulb failure. Indian quickly came up with this service shot to fix the issue.


  1. Remove instrument panel cover.
  2. Remove left gas tank.
  3. Remove instrument and light panel bracket.
  4. Unsolder the wires on the bulb sockets.
  5. Solder one wire 711 long and one wire 811 long, on new socket, as shown in sketch. (SPEEDOMETER LIGHT)
  6. Solder new wire 8″ long and generator indicator light wire from harness on other new socket, as shown in sketch.
  7. Cut instrument and light panel bracket, as shown in sketch., and reassemble on frame. Replace gas tank.
  8. Insert both bulb sockets half way through rubber pad. Assemble pad over panel stud and adjust pad to lie flat on top of gas tank. Connect wires on switch as shown.
  9. Assemble bulbs in sockets with bulb shock ring on the generator indicator light bulb.
  10. Replace instrument panel.

NOTE: We can supply a new bracket already cut. To Order parts please click on the part numbers below:

1 x 237038 Rear Dash Mount

2 x  799005 Bulb Socket

1 x 628005 Pad Shock Mount

2 x 243004 Dash Bulb 6v or

2 x 243004-12 Dash Bulb 12v

1 x 763006 Bulb Shock Ring (Starklite Cycle does not use this on our restorations)

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