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1940-1953 Indian Chief Wire Harness Diagram

1940-1953 Indian Chief Wiring Diagram

To Download a PDF so you can Print Click Here

This is the main harness diagram which is the same for all years of Chiefs between 1940-1953

On ’48-53 Indian Chief models you have the extra wire “Black/White” that is not used on the earlier bikes. If your harness has this wire just fold it over and tape it closed. This wire is used for the generator Indicator light on the 1948-1953 Dash Panel.

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Download a PDF Version of this image: 933008-wire-diagram

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  • Lance ,

    Could you tell me on a 1940 Indian chief does the battery ground to the frame ?

    • MrIndian ,

      We like to run the battery ground wire to one of the primary bolts using a circuit breaker. That way if anything shorts. The circuit breaker will protect your wiring. #EP-7 and #EP-7A

  • Mike Lindemayer ,

    Excellent diagram! Helped my cousin square away his newly aqquired 1953 Chief. (generator light).
    His has single terminal regulator (only a “B”) but 2nd yellow w/tracer wire (probably white) to connect the charge indicator.
    May I ask: Does the 1953 Chief have any kind of oil pressure indication? Gauge or light?
    Many Thanks in advance,
    Mike L.

  • Mark ,

    I have a 1940 Indian Chief. May be a stupid question, but does it have a magneto or are there magneto models and non magneto models?

    • MrIndian ,

      Indian produced both – Magneto and Battery Ignition (Distributor) models. They can easily be changed to operate on either method.

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