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Indian Vertical Racer

Indian Vertical Factory Racer

I read about the book you are putting together and I wanted to contribute a photograph. I am pretty sure the bike is a factory race bike. My grandfather (Walt Brown) is on the right and I am pretty sure Jimmy Hill is on the left. They both worked in the experimental department at this time so I am guessing the setting is in front of the Indian factory.
I think the bike is unique in that the one half of the gas tank is used as an oil tank. I don’t think that is very common. The rear 741 hub stands out as well. I am guessing the exhaust is from a Warrior TT.
Wally Brown Jr.

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  • MrIndian ,

    Comment sent to us from Rick Giles:
    Interesting that it has a rigid rear frame section. I’m thinking that this bike may have been ridden by Woodsie Castonquay at one time or another because after WW2, #95 was his national number.

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