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The motor sprocket and flywheel main drive shaft is fitted to the crankcase bronze bushing with .002 to .0025 clearance to allow for the proper lubrication.

In the breaking in of a new Junior Scout oftentimes, on account of improper lubrication or using the wrong make of oil, this bearing and bushing seizes causing it to turn in the crankcase and wearing the crankcase bearing hole out of round, making it necessary to have a special bushing made.

Due to this condition, we advise pinning the bushing to the crankcase by drilling two holes thru the flange of the bushing into the crankcase and using two small pins so that should this bearing run shy of oil, the bushing will not revolve in the motor base. Also, we advise cutting an oil groove from the oil hole in the outside of the bearing back towards the inside of the motor base, which will allow the oil to travel the entire length of this bearing.

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