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91 – Carburetors Leaking Gasoline

Service Shot #91 August 14, 1939

Carburetors Leaking Gasoline

A large percentage of leaking carburetors, when setting on jiffy stands, can be overcome by making the following adjustments on the jiffy stand itself. By removing the jiffy stand from the machine, you will find that the bolt that holds the jiffy stand leg onto the body can be taken up, tightening the leg on the body, at this time also making an inspection of the spring that is underneath the head of this bolt. Oftentimes it has collapsed or has unwound. Wear and play at this joint will cause the machine to lay over farther than it should, thus causing the carburetor to leak.

If the leg on the jiffy stand is bent, it will allow the machine to lay over to a degree of causing the carburetor bowl to overflow. The condition of this is due to the rough usage that a jiffy stand is subjected to, namely: Dropping the machine over onto the jiffy stand when it is down, and another is when kicking a motor over on the jif­fy stand. The weight of the machine plus the weight of the rider, plus the weight of the pressure on the starter, puts a tremendous pressure on those parts, making it necessary to occasionally overhaul a jiffy stand in order that it will perform its duty properly as the servicing of a jiffy stand is just as important to other parts of the machine.

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