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At this time of the year, with the release of new models and cold temperatures, the necessity of using the correct grades of oil is most important.


  1. For breaking in use S.A.E. 30 or lighter
  2. For temperatures below 0° F: use S.A.E. 10 W
  3. For temperatures between
    32° F and 0° F:……….use S.A.E. 20 W
  4. For temperatures between
    60° F and 32° F:……….use S.A.E. 30
  5. For temperatures above
    60° F.……………use S.A.E. 50

Always use a lighter oil if there is any question as to what grade of oil should be used.

The Indian Motocycle Company will not give consideration to troubles arising from the use of unknown oils or too heavy oils for new motors and cold temperatures.


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