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Tool No. 31-T-847 $47.45 Net
As result of a survey made last summer, we have contacted several leading tool companies and have arranged for
the manufacture of a main bearing line reamer for the Indian Four.
This reamer will handle the fitting of new crankshafts or crankshafts in good condition as well as crankshafts
which have been reground to .010″ or .020″ undersize.
The main bearings supplied on part orders have enough
stock in them to clean up at .020″ undersize.
The saving of time in fitting the main bearings and the assurance of the proper alignment to produce a perfect
job will pay for the reamer on the first few jobs.
Deliveries will be made in six to eight weeks after receipt of your order.
Please fill in your name and address on the attached order

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TOOL NO. 31-T-847

We are preparing to get into the actual production of a newly designed Indian Four Main Bearing Line Reamer set. Our Tool and Methods department has developed this new Reamer along with the additional cutters and pilot sleeves necessary to do a quick, precision job of reaming Indian Four main bearings to our standard size, and to .010″ under, and to .020″ under.
Indian Four bearings must be accurately line-reamed if any major overhaul on this engine is to be completely satisfactory, and this tool .will save enough time over hand scraping to pay for itself on the first few jobs you do.
We know that it is absolutely necessary and profitable for a dealer, who has any number of Indian Four motorcycles in his territory, to have one of these Reamers, and this is your opportunity to equip your Service Shop to handle this work.
Enclosed is an Order form for one of the Indian Four Reamers. We will be able to accept your order for one of these Reamers up until the 15th of May. These reamers are being specially built and we must guarantee the manufacturer at least a minimum number of orders at that time to offer these tools to you at such a low price! Production will be for a definite number of these reamers so order now as this offer will not be repeated again for some time ·.

Walt Brown
Service Manager


The following dealers have advised us that they will accept Indian Four connecting rods from other Indian dealers for reconditioning.

As our production connecting rod department here at the factory can no longer accept rods for reconditioning, we suggest you make arrangements with the Indian dealer listed who is nearest you to handle your Indian Four connecting rod reconditioning work.

Delivery time runs from three to 15 days.

Indian Motorcycle Shop
622 East Grand Avenue
Des Moines, Iowa
S. B. Lynum
1516 West 26th Street
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Indian Motorcycle Sales & Service
1014 East 6th Street
Topeka, Kansas
Hap Alzinea
3074 Broadway
Oakland, California
Rae Watson’s Sport Shop
257 Wellington Street
London, Ontario
Philadelphia Indian Sales
1635-37 Hunting Park Blvd.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
George Pasby Auto Repair
409 East Broadway
Enid, Oklahoma
Motorcycle Service Co.
1014 Ohio Street
Wichita Falls, Texas
Appleby Indian Company
304 Cherry Avenue, N. E.
Canton, Ohio
Portage Indian Sales & Service
133 West Elm Street
Kent, Ohio
McWilliams Indian Company
R. D. #5
Greenville, Pennsylvania
Pratt’s Indian Sales
500 West Douglas Avenue
Wichita, Kansas
Indian Motorcycle Sales & Service
1601 Arcade Avenue
Shively, Kentucky
Egeberg Cycle Co.
1821-23 Riverside
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Indian Motorcycle Sales
1775 East 30th Street
Cleveland, Ohio

We wish to extend our sincere thanks to the above dealers for their co-operation and efforts in offering this Indian service.

Walt Brown
Service Manager

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