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162 – Repair Service


Indian Motocycle Company realizes that it has a Service responsibility and obligation to Indian dealers and riders, and we are aware that we must either recondition certain motorcycle parts here, or supply you with the necessary instructions, tools, and equipment to do the jobs in your own service shops.

At present, repair service is being carried on at the factory in the regular production departments, and in order that our factory production personnel may devote their full time and entire facilities toward increasing production of new motorcycles and spare parts, our Service Department is beginning a program which will make possible full repair
service facilities in the field.

Arrangements are being made to made available to dealers, the necessary parts, tools, equipment and instructions, so
that you may perform reconditioning operations in your own service shop or send them to some key dealer in the territory where facilities will be available.

This program of localized service will make for quicker and more efficient handling of repair work for dealers and
riders, with the same high quality that the factory is giving now.

Right now our Service Department is loaded to capacity and needs a break so that it can apply its full efforts towards
putting this new program into operation. We are asking you to cooperate with us by handling all the jobs you possibly
can in your own service shop or by making arrangements with other Indian dealers or repair shops in your territory who are equipped to do the work you need. Please do not send any parts to us for reconditioning unless you definitely cannot find any other way to get it done.

Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated as it will be another step towards increasing the production of new motorcycles and spare parts.

Walter Brown

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