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149 – Connecting Rod Side Clearance or End Play

Number 149

December 25, 1944


The recommended connecting rod side-clearances between the outside edge of the forked connecting rod bushing and flywheel thrust washers are —

.015″ to .020″- 74 cu . in. motors
.010″ to .015″ –  30.50 and 45 cu. in. motors

The recommended connecting rod side-clearance between the bushings of the two rods is —

.005″ to .015″ – All Twins

These clearances are measured with a “feeler” gauge.

Different size thrust washers are available for 45″ and 74″ in order that you may arrive at the recommended clearances:

#50311 Crankshaft thrust washer (new)     .047″ – (45″ – 74″)

44386 Crankshaft thrust washer (new)     .057″ – (45″ – 74″)

27B268       Crankshaft thrust washer (std)     .062″ – (45″ – 74″)

50310       Crankshaft thrust washer (new)     .072″ – (45″ – 74″)

16A13       Crankshaft thrust washer (std)     .062″ – (30.50″)

44345  Crankshaft thrust washer (optional)     .057″ – (30.50″)


The recommended flywheel assembly side-clearance between the pinion and drive shaft thrust washers and pinion and drive shaft housings is

.015″ to .020” –  All Twins (30.50” -45”-74”)

The following thrust washers are available in order to arrive at the recommended clearances

27Bl74 Pinion & Drive Shaft thrust washer (Std.).062”(45”-74” )

37625 Pinion & Drive Shaft (Optional)  .057”(45” -74”)

16Al3 Pinion Shaft thrust washer (Std;) .062” (30.50”)

44345 Pinion Shaft thrust washer (Optional)  057”(30.50”)

27B174 Drive Shaft thrust washer (Std.)  062″(30.50”)

37625 Drive Shaft thrust washer (Optional} .050″(30.50″)

Any excessive side-clearance can be taken up by removing the pinion housing and putting in pinion housing washer shims behind the pinion housing washer until you have arrived at the recommended clearance.

22B476  Pinion Housing washer shim – .005” •

It is important that you “set up” the connecting rods and flywheels with the correct side-clearances because when there isn’t enough clearance, the retainers bear against the thrust washers and the result is — burnt thrust washers and damage to the retainer and roller bearings.

When there is too much side-clearance, the washer will not stay on the thrust washer pins and the result will be the same as mentioned above.

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