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143 – Generator Belt Part No. 42603


Because it was impossible for the belt manufacturers to supply us with the same belt we used on 340, 341, and 342
models, we are assembling on new 344 machines and supplying on parts orders a substitute belt (under the same
part number) which is one inch smaller in circumference.

When this substitute belt is used on 340, 341, and 342 machines you will find that the generator bracket cannot
be lowered enough to get the proper belt adjustment (½” movement up and down.). However, by cutting ¼” from
the generator bracket adjusting screw, it can be turned farther into the bracket, allowing the generator to be
lowered enough to obtain the correct belt adjustment.

On 344 machines, the diameter of the generator driving pulley was changed from 2- 7/8″ diameter to 2-5/8″ diameter
to allow for the use of this smaller belt; however, a number of 344 machines were shipped before this change went into effect.

When it is found that the generator belt is too tight on the 344 machines, check the diameter of the generator drive
pulley. If it is the old pulley (2-7/8″ diameter), write in to the Service Department for the correct pulley (Part
No. 50186, 2-5/8″ diameter). When ordering this pulley, give the engine number of the 344 machine on which it is to
be installed.

It is very IMPORTANT that this condition be taken care of because a tight belt wears out fast and also decreases the
life of the generator drive sprocket and armature bearings.

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